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DNS 10 command list

Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 10 commands

Global commands

Controlling the Microphone:

* Go to sleep/Stop listening

* Wake up/Listen to me

* Microphone off


Controlling Modes:

* Start command mode

* Start numbers mode

* Spell mode off

* Dictation mode on

* Switch to normal mode

* Start hidden mode


Getting Help:

* Give me help

* What can I say

* Display sample commands


Selecting and Correcting:

* Select <xyz>

* Select again

* Select the next <number> characters

* Select previous paragraph

* Select document

* Correct <word>

* Select all

* Unselect that


Inserting Lines and Spaces:

* New line

* New paragraph

* Press Enter

* Press Tab key



* Capitalize that

* All caps on

* No caps off


Editing and Formatting Text:

* Cut that

* Copy that

* Copy all to clipboard

* Paste it here



Undoing and Deleting:

* Scratch that

* Delete that

* Undo that


Moving Around in Your Document:

* Move left <number> words

* Move down <number> lines

* Go to end of line

* Page up

* Insert before <xyz>


Desktop Commands

* Start <application name> (for example, Microsoft Word, Windows Explorer) #

* Start <Folder name>

* Move down <number>

* Move up <number>

* Click Start

* Shut down computer

* Open <desktop icon name>

* View sample commands

* NaturallySpeaking

* Switch to <application name>

* Minimize window


# The application name must match the name used in the desktop icon.


Mouse Commands

* Mousegrid

* Mousegrid window

* Move mouse upper left/slower/faster #


# This command is available only if the option "Enable mouse motion commands" has been selected.


Microsoft Word/WordPerfect commands


# These commands are available only if the option "Enable Natural Language Commands" has been selected.

Opening, Saving, and Printing

* Open a document #

* Save the file #

* Save as #

* Print file #

* Close document #

Cutting, Pasting, Inserting, and Undoing

* New line

* New paragraph

* Add page numbers #

* Insert date #

* Insert a page break #

* Insert a <number of columns> by <number of rows> table #

* Cut this paragraph #

* Copy this sentence #

* Paste it here

* Undo that

* Delete that

Moving and Selecting

* Go to end of line

* Go to top of document #

* Select the next <number>words


* Bullet selection #

* Make this uppercase #

* Bold the previous <number>words #

* Capitalize the previous line #

* Underline this word #

Zoom, Spell Check, and Print Preview

* Set zoom to <percentage> #

* Check spelling #

* Check grammar #

* Print preview on #

* Close preview #


When dictating, give the following commands to execute the action

"New Line" to press the Enter key once

"New Paragraph" to press the Enter key twice and capitalize next word.

"Cap <word>" to type <word> with an initial capital

"Caps On" to start typing words with initial capitals

"Caps Off" to stop typing words with initial capitals

"All Caps <word>" to type <word> in all uppercase

"All Caps On" to start typing words in all uppercase

"All Caps Off" to stop typing words in all uppercase

"No Caps <word>" to type <word> in all lowercase

"No Caps On" to start typing words in all lowercase

"No Caps Off" to stop typing words in all lowercase

 "No Space <word>" to prevent putting a space before <word>

"No Space On" to stop putting spaces between words

"No Space Off" to start putting spaces between words

To produce the character shown, speak the command

&       ampersand or and sign              

*        asterisk

'        apostrophe                                

's       apostrophe ess

@      at sign                                       

`        backquote

'         begin single quote or open single quote

'         close single quote or end single quote

"        open quote or begin quote        

"        close quote or end quote


/         forward slash or slash

:         colon                                         

:         numeric colon

,         comma                                      

,         numeric comma

^        caret                                          

...      ellipsis

--       dash                                          

°        degree sign

.         dot or point or full stop or period

$        dollar sign or dollar or dollars

=       equal sign or equals

©       copyright sign

          euro-sign or euro or euros

!        exclamation point or exclamation mark

-        hyphen or numeric hyphen

£        pound sterling sign or pound sign or pounds   

?        question mark

®       registered sign                           

§        section sign

;         semicolon                                  

(space) space bar

(tab) tab key                                      

~       tilde

_        underscore                                

|         vertical bar

{        left brace or open brace or left curly bracket or open curly bracket

}        close brace or right brace or right curly bracket or close curly bracket

[        left bracket or open bracket or left square bracket or open square bracket

]        right bracket or close bracket or right square bracket or close square bracket

(        left parenthesis or open parenthesis or left bracket or open bracket    

)        right parenthesis or close parenthesis or right bracket or close bracket

<       left angle bracket or open angle bracket or  less than

>       right angle bracket or close angle bracket or greater than

«        open euro quote                        

»        close euro quote

-        minus sign                                 

#        pound sign or number sign or hash sign or sharp sign

%      percent sign                               

+       plus sign

:-(      frowny face                              

:-)      smiley face

;-)      winky face                                                

Microsoft Excel

# These commands are available only if the option "Enable Natural Language Commands" has been selected.

Moving in Workbooks and Worksheets

* Open a new workbook #

* Go to next (or previous) worksheet #

* Next row #

* Next column #

* Row <number>#

* Column <letter>#

* Go to the beginning of this row #

* Move to column <number>#

* Move to cell <row number column letter>#

* Beginning of this worksheet #

* Page down

Selecting and Inserting

* <column heading>through <column heading>across #

* <number> through <number> down #

* Insert <number>rows #

* Insert a new sheet #

Cutting, Copying, Pasting, and Deleting

* Cut this

* Copy that

* Delete that

* Clear this #

* Undo that

* Paste this here

Formatting, Saving, and Printing

* Save this file #

* Rename the worksheet #

* Center align this column #

* Set the font to <font name>

* Print this #

Calculating Values

* Average the values above #

* Add up this row #

* Sum this column #


Internet Explorer


# These commands are available only if the option "Enable Natural Language Commands" has been selected.

Navigating to Web Pages

* Go back

* Go forward

* Go to address bar

* Search the web #

* Open search #

* Show favorites #

* View history #

* Go to the home page #

* Click go


Moving Within a Web Page

* Move down <number>

* Move up <number>

* Page up

* Page down

* Stop loading

* Start scrolling up/down

* Stop scrolling

* Speed up

* Slow down

* Tab key

* Next pane

* Click text link

* Click image


Cutting and Pasting

* Cut that

* Copy that

* Paste that


File Menu Commands

* Print page #

* Save as #

* Close Explorer #

* Click file




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