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Literacy Aids


Here are some web site links that you may find helpful:

Note: Words Worldwide Ltd is not directly affiliated with the organisations listed below, and as such have no control over the content found therein.

Understanding and Overcoming Learning Disabilities in Children;

Being Dyslexic - information to assist families to cope with dyslexia;

The BBC's skillwise website;

Speaks Volumes - family dyslexia support site;

Mark College - CRESTED specialist dyslexic school using innovative technology;

Dyslexia amongst creative people;

BUPA - dyslexia information site;

Dyslexia Scotland information site;

Channel 4 dyslexia site;

Oddslot  - Football Betting Tips 

DfES government dyslexia site;

British Dyslexia Association;

Dyslexia Action - UK national charity;

SchoolZone - Government-supported technology access site

Civil Service - dyslexia information site 

Ableize Disability Resources Directory - services, products & computer access aids

Government (DfES) - dyslexia information site

Dyslexia check list

Adult Dyslexia Organisation

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