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Literacy aids - Clicker 5

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Clicker 5

Clicker 5
£130.00 (Excl. VAT)
A software package to support literacy learning.

Clicker 5, winner of yet another BETT award is still the teachers’ choice for literacy development.

“The standards that this product exemplifies help to provide a challenge to, and a benchmark for, developers right across this sector” BETT Awards 2007 Judges.

Clicker 5 is a software package that supports literacy learning. The onscreen grids hold letters and words and provide the tools for pupils to turn them into text. Once a cell is clicked on, it is sent to the word processor and the program reads the text aloud. You can even create talking books and diagrams with pop-up grids as well as word grids. Clicker 5 also has picture support and animation facilities to really bring your pupils’ work to life!

Clicker 5 can benefit a wide range of pupils with varying needs. Used in conjunction with an interactive whiteboard, Clicker provides interactive learning for the whole class. Ideal for younger children at the earlier stages of literacy learning, Clicker is also suitable for more specialist needs. Older pupils with learning difficulties find the software enabling as do those learning English as a second language.

New features in Clicker 5: • Improved graphics with greater depth • Greatly improved sound quality with Sayso speech engine • New Edit Mode for ordering and linking grids • Instant internet links

The pack includes 3 disks; one for PC, one for MAC standalone and one for MAC networked so that whatever system you are using you can benefit from Clicker 5.

Word processor with pictures too - for ease and speed of comprehension
Have your work read back to you
Built in Switch Clicker can use any ability switch
Make talking books and interactive materials
Includes powerful tutor support system
A classic literacy tool in widespread use
Multi-user licence available
Stock Status: In Stock
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