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Voice Recognition - Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 Professional
£550.00 (Excl. VAT)

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking range of voice recognition products enables busy professionals to create documents and e-mails, fill out forms, and streamline workflow tasks—all by speaking! 

The Professional version is the most powerful in the range.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional v12 is the ideal solution for busy professionals who want to work faster & smarter.

It enables you to interact with your PC by voice - creating text three times faster than typing - with up to 99% accuracy.

By using voice to control the PC and create documents, users can alleviate many of the difficulties experienced with dyslexia and reduce their risk of developing repetitive strain injuries


What's New in Version 12?

  • Improved Correcting and Editing
  • More Intuitive User Interface
  • Improved Speed and Accuracy
  • More time-saving voice commands
  • Supports Microsoft Office 2010


  • Up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box
  • Creation of documents, reports, spreadsheets, or messages just by speaking
  • Nuance Text-to-Speech technology that reads on-screen text in human-sounding synthesized speech
  • Dragon Voice Shortcuts that let you create email, schedule appointments, and search the Web or your desktop using simple voice commands
  • Creation of custom commands for inserting frequently used text and graphics or automating routine data entry
  • Ability to import/export custom word lists that can include commonly used proper names or industry-specific terminology
  • Support for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and virtually any other Windows application
  • Ability to use Dragon with a Nuance-approved digital voice recorder and automatically transcribe your recorded voice
  • Audio playback of your dictation with the associated transcription highlighted on the screen for easier proof reading and correction.
  • Support for multiple audio input devices; use Dragon with a wireless microphone, including Bluetooth
  • Administrative security options to enable only select users to modify vocabularies; add/modify/create custom commands; and view/edit/export custom commands
  • Remote management of wordlists, custom commands and vocabularies (Nsadmin.exe and Data Distribution Tool wizard)
  • MSI installation
  • Enterprise profile management (profiles centralized on the network)
  • Correction-only mode
  • Auto Transcribe Folder Agent with option to save DRA files

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