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Literacy aids - KeyStone ScreenSpeaker 10

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KeyStone ScreenSpeaker 10

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker 10
£145.00 (Excl. VAT)

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker gives people with reading and writing difficulties an easy and effective route to creative literacy.

Overwhelming difficulties in writing, often made worse by poor reading skills, hamper the career development of many people. However, within a few hours of starting to use KeyStone, they can be generating creative written work quickly and accurately.

Click here to download a PowerPoint presentation for full information on this exciting product.

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker is delightfully simple to use, yet has power and versatility. It gives invaluable assistance in the use of Microsoft Word® to create documents without relying on the computer monitor (and keyboard, if voice recognition is used).

Click on the following links to see how various organisations have successfully used the product:

  1. Kingshurst Junior School
  2. Broadclyst Community Primary School
  3. Communication Aids Project
  4. Mark College
  5. HM Prison Service
  6. Access to Work
  7. London South Bank University

Keystone ScreenSpeaker has been designed to assist users, especially those with visual impairment, blindness and dyslexia. A user can listen to their work being spoken back while the text is being typed or dictated (using voice recognition software). Any mistakes can be quickly found and corrected using advanced spelling and homophone checkers, while the work is being created or after it has been completed. Any amount of the text can be read back at any time.

When working with Dragon NaturallySpeaking (not for use with DNS V11) or DragonDictate voice recognition, KeyStone ScreenSpeaker does the following:

  • Tells the user what text has been transcribed in a clear computer-generated voice so that they can compare this with their dictation to discover whether the correct words have been displayed.
  • Helps by speaking the displayed alternatives when a correction is needed. If the correct text is heard amongst the options, it can be chosen with a voice command like "Choose 3". Otherwise, the intended text must be entered and KeyStone’s unique in-built spelling checker helps the user to produce this accurately, safeguarding future recognition performance.

When typing in Microsoft Word, KeyStone ScreenSpeaker does the following:

  • Optionally speaks out each character, word and/or sentence as soon as it is typed;
  • Announces when a spelling mistake or homophone is produced and speaks out alternative spellings when the user needs to inspect them.
  • Whether using voice recognition or typing text, KeyStone ScreenSpeaker always -
  • Speaks out text by character, word, line, sentence, paragraph or complete document, either during the document’s creation, or upon its completion, and under control of the mouse, numeric keypad, cursor keys or voice command;
  • Announces the identity of icons, menu items, buttons and dialog boxes. KeyStone even provides information on the purpose of on-screen features;
  • Allows the checking of documents for homophones easily and effectively, and helps clarify which homophone (sound-alike) should be selected. KeyStone also offers a quick and effective method of spelling correction through the in-built spelling checker (Ellipsis);
  • Enables the computer-generated voice and the amount of information spoken to be easily customised at any time;
  • Provides detailed help, both on-screen and audibly.

 A selection of accolades from schools in Somerset and Oxfordshire where KeyStone has enhanced the use of voice recognition:

  • The school is convinced of the huge value of KeyStone and wants to do everything possible to widen its use.
  • Pupils are writing more, of a higher quality, far faster adventurous vocabulary more coherent sentence structures
    ... individuals are working entirely independently.
    ... a consensus of delight with his progress, attitude and application. Voice recognition software has helped improve the quality of work of most users and transformed it in a significant number of cases.
  • The level of success has produced comments of delight and amazement from other members of the college.

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker works directly with Dragon NaturallySpeaking®, DragonDictate® and Microsoft Word®, MS Notepad, MS WordPad and DragonPad.

A hot-line telephone and e-mail service is available to support users and trainers.

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