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Special offers for schools (until March 2013) - KeyStone SpeechMaster version 11.5

Store > Special offers for schools (until March 2013) > KeyStone SpeechMaster version 11.5

KeyStone SpeechMaster version 11.5

KeyStone SpeechMaster version 11.5
£195.00 SALE!  £150.00 (Excl. VAT)

KeyStone SpeechMaster is a bundle of programs specifically designed to assist in the development of literacy skills.

The  bundle consists of:

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium edition 11.5 (educational licence)
  • KeyStone SpeechTutor 
  • KeyStone ScreenSpeaker
  • KeyStone Ellipsis

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is produced by Nuance, the market leader in voice recognition. It enables a user to dictate text and control the computer. Most users achieve well over 98% recognition accuracy (two errors in 100 words) within a couple of hours of use. Improvement in speed and accuracy continues indefinitely.

KeyStone SpeechTutor is produced by Words Worldwide and is the result of working in the field of literacy support for more than twenty years. The program is designed to assist users who have enunciation or pronunciation difficulties or find working with products such as Microsoft Word over-taxing.

Teachers who have minimal technical support available will also find the program invaluable for trouble-shooting of user problems and checking of equipment.

Of greatest value to teachers is the ability to allow students to work on their own - the program automatically produces a record of the student's session and assesses the results. 

KeyStone  ScreenSpeaker has been developed by Words Worldwide over more than fifteen years and allows automatic proof-reading of selected text or a complete document using a naturally-sounding computer voice. The program also allows text to be checked for homophones, suggesting a range of alternatives with examples of their use.

KeyStone Ellipsis is a spell checker and dictionary, incorporating highly innovative features. The program is designed to work alongside Microsoft Word but can also be used free-standing. Those purchasing the KeyStoneSpeechMaster bundle will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new version (3) which is expected early in 2011.


HM Revenue & Customs have granted exemption of VAT to those purchasing the product. The only requirement is that the product must be used specifically by those needing literacy support; a declaration must be signed by customers purchasing the product.  The exemption also includes any hardware and associated software purchased at the same time. 

Stock Status: In Stock
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