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Literacy aids - KeyStone SpeechTutor 3 (activation)

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KeyStone SpeechTutor 3 (activation)

KeyStone SpeechTutor 3 (activation)
£105.00 (Excl. VAT)

Activation of KeyStone SpeechTutor 3

KeyStone SpeechTutor can be downloaded free from the W3 web site. The product can be used indefinitely for evaluation purposes but prevents access to the more advanced features.

To activate the product to give access to the full range of features, product codes can be purchased via this option. The codes are provided by email with full installation instructions.

Following activation, all product facilities can be used.

The additional features are:

Active Mode is particularly useful for those who find it daunting to use speech recognition with a word processor.  The special text window is simpler to use than the DragonPad window in Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Restricting the activity to a simple environment rather than using a word processor environment like Microsoft Word is also of great assistance.

The playing back of dictated text and its echoing by the text-to-speech system simplifies these activities. The user is able to hear what has been spoken and what has been produced on the screen by simple button clicks.

Finally, the dictated text can be scanned for  words which are often incorrectly recognised. These can then be reviewed and corrections can be made where appropriate.

Analysis Mode enables trouble-shooting to be carried out. An objective scheme allows objective tests to be made of different microphones, operating conditions or users for fixed sets of word groups. Statistics and results sheets can be retained for checking purposes.

Enrolment Mode provides a special environment whereby a novice user can enrol more easily than through the normal scheme. Each short sentence or phrase is prompted for the user by a computer-generated voice. This also assists people suffering from visual difficulties.

Download the PowerPoint presentation  to get full information on this exciting product.


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