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Literacy support bundles - KeyStone VoiceMaster

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KeyStone VoiceMaster

KeyStone VoiceMaster
£245.00 (Excl. VAT)

KeyStone VoiceMaster is the only system on the market specifically designed to integrate DragonDictate voice recognition technology seamlessly with a text-to-speech screen reader, homophone checker and a speech development tool.

KeyStone VoiceMaster is a robust bundled product, comprising KeyStone ScreenSpeaker and DragonDictate® software. VoiceMaster gives people with limited writing skills the vital confidence to produce accurate text after just a few hours.

See it, hear it and be amazed!

Gives users with limited writing skills the vital confidence to produce accurate text after just a few hours.


Overwhelming difficulties in writing, often made worse by poor reading skills, hamper the education and career development of many people.

However, within a few hours of starting to use VoiceMaster, they can be generating creative written work quickly and accurately. People who have struggled for years can now produce work without support from others. Even those with severe reading and writing difficulties can use this simple system.

Many users are denied the benefits of speech recognition by the nature of the enrolment process - but no longer! DragonDictate requires only the most basic level of enrolment. For users needing additional enrolment support, the SpeechTutor utility provides this and reads out scripts in small phrases for the user to repeat. Users don’t have to be able to read a single word to use the system. Trainers can even write their own scripts and SpeechTutor will add them into the system.

When using VoiceMaster, the user dictates into a microphone attached to a suitable computer. Speech is converted into text by DragonDictate® and this is displayed on the screen using Microsoft Word®. SpeechMaster then speaks out the text in its own clear computer-generated voice so that the user can compare this with their dictation to discover whether the correct words have been displayed.

When a correction is needed, KeyStone ScreenSpeaker helps by speaking the displayed alternatives. If the correct text is heard amongst the options, it can be chosen with a voice command like “Choose 3”. Otherwise, the intended text must be entered and KeyStone ScreenSpeaker's unique in-built spelling checker helps the user to produce this accurately, safeguarding future recognition performance.

KeyStone ScreenSpeaker's advanced spelling and homophone checking functions and reading back of text can be started at any time - as dictation proceeds, or on completion. Where questions arise, detailed help is supplied both on-screen and audibly.

DragonDictate® is the speech recognition program included in the KeyStone VoiceMaster package. .

The VoiceMaster package also contains SpeechTutor and Ellipsis.

SpeechTutor assists in four ways:

  • It provides an alternative means of voice recognition enrolment for users with speaking difficulties or sight problems;
  • It enables trouble-shooting to be carried out where there are problems with voice recognition due to equipment or user issues;
  • It allows users to gain experience with voice recognition without using complex word processors such as MS Word;
  • It gives users an environment where they can practice enunciation and pronunciation skills.

Ellipsis is a powerful spell-checker. It can be used conventionally as an alternative or additional resource to MS Word's spell-checker.


System Requirements: 1.0 GHz Dual Core processor or equivalent, 1 Gb RAM, CD ROM Drive, Windows 2000/XP/Vista; 300Mb HDD (plus 20 - 50 Mb for each user)


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