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Complete workstations - Literacy WorkStation

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Literacy WorkStation

Literacy WorkStation
£665.00 (Excl. VAT)

A powerful system for users with literacy needs, including those with dyslexia

Price £850 (excluding VAT). This package is subject to Zero rating VAT for appropriate users.

This is a complete LapTop solution to enable the user to create text by speaking to the computer instead of typing, using Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software. In some cases professional training is recommended. KeyStone's Speech Tutor program will provide an excellent aid to those who need assistance with enunciation and/or pronunciation.

The computer’s interpretation of what the user has said will be spoken out in a natural-sounding voice.Text can be echoed back as the user dictates, or it can be read back on completion of a sentence, paragraph or at the end of the document. All editable text, icons, menu bars, dialogue boxes are also spoken out by the computer via the KeyStone ScreenSpeaker Solo text-to-speech software.

The package comprises:

Dual Core 2 Laptop PC
Suitable Plantronics Audio USB Noise cancelling headset
Keypad / Optical Mouse
Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium V11.5
KeyStone ScreenSpeaker
Ellipsis spelling and homophone checker
KeyStone Speech Tutor


All software packages will be pre-installed, set up and tested before despatch.

*Your LapTop will be choosen from Leading Manufacturers usually Toshiba/Hewlett Packard or Acer - depending on availability at time of order.  Please note that because of the high rate of laptop model changes the exact model may differ at time of purchase  this change would be identified and advised to customer for acceptance.

Additional peripherals can be supplied on request.


Stock Status: In Stock
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