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Mind Mapping - Mind Manager Pro V7

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Mind Manager Pro V7

Mind Manager Pro V7
£304.00 (Excl. VAT)
Capture, organise and manage information with MindManager Pro 7 software. An organisational tool for businesses, education, government and personal productivity.

The MindManager Pro 7 software helps visualise your thoughts and communicate information in a logical way.

Do you need help managing time, meetings, communications and knowledge?
Use MindManager Pro 7 from Keytools in increase productivity by three to five hours a week!

Instead of scribbling incoherent ideas down on paper, MindManager Pro 7 provides an on screen tool to enable amendments and enhancement through colour and images.

Students and teaching staff – Enhance your learning experience by visually organising ideas, information and resources. Record notes, share research and make the most of class time.

Business and Government Bodies – Improve the way you visualise, organise and share information. Use MindManager Pro 7 to support strategies, objectives and actions speed and accuracy. Bring products and services to completion stage by making existing plans, processes and ideas simple and accessible.

Other users who will particularly benefit from using MindManager Pro 7 are people with learning difficulties, dyslexia and dyspraxia.

"MindManager has allowed me to stay in control of a huge amount of information. I see MindManager as an essential piece of my daily research."
Dr. Andreas Busch, Department of Politics and International Relations Oxford University

MindManager Pro 7 integrates fully with Microsoft Office.

Brainstorm and capture ideas whilst enhancing strategic thinking
Apply logical project planning
Simplify and share information
Complete projects with more speed and efficiency

Enhance strategic thinking and planning
Set up and managed business processes
Present complex information
Create project plans and track progress
Manage meetings Online tutorials
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