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Literacy aids - Quicktionary II Reading Pen Oxford Edition

Store > Literacy aids > Quicktionary II Reading Pen Oxford Edition

Quicktionary II Reading Pen Oxford Edition

Quicktionary II Reading Pen Oxford Edition
£195.00 (Excl. VAT)

The Reading Pen Touch Screen (TS) Oxford has the new touch-screen feature. Read with confidence with this portable word scanner and dictionary.

The new touch screen feature is easy-to-use, with an on-screen keyboard for you to enter words and sentences.

The Reading Pen TS Oxford is a great learning tool, providing immediate word support for those who have dyslexia or other reading comprehension difficulties.

This portable pen is the perfect solution for helping you understand the text quickly and easily.

Simply scan the pen over the word or enter the text using the on-screen keyboard.

You can then:

 Hear the words, lines or paragraphs of text spoken aloud using built-in speaker or earphones.

  • See and hear definitions and synonyms
  • See syllabication and hear word spoken simultaneously
  • Spells word out loud
  • Easily switch between dictionary and thesaurus
  • Store words or large chunks of text then send to your PC for later use
  • Play educational word games to help improve vocabulary

    It's a great device for people on the move - designed to fit in your pocket and assist you anywhere you go. It can also store a large amount of data, which can then be transferred to your PC to review the words you had difficulty with.


    Concise Oxford English Dictionary and thesaurus

    Reads words aloud in English

    View words and sentences in large font

    Easy-to-use icon-based menu

    Captures text within seconds

    Touch screen and on-screen keyboard

    Word prediction as you type

    Light weight

    Easily switch between dictionary and thesaurus

    Educational games to practice new vocabulary

    Send a list of history to your PC

    PC connectivity - download files to the Reading Pen and send list of words to your PC


    Note: This is not suitable for those who lack fine motor skills or are vision impaired.

    Stock Status: In Stock
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