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Sennheiser Headset

Sennheiser Headset
£135.00 (Excl. VAT)

The super cardioid microphone capsule provides higher accuracy than the Andrea ANC and VXI Parrott TalkPro range of headsets and has exceptional noise rejection. Sound is clean and uncoloured with a wide dynamic range.

The headset is as comfortable as the Emkay 3185 with a bendable rubber coated wire frame that goes behind the head and rests on, or above, the ears. A Velcro adjustable strap provides extra stability (it was designed for energetic stage performances and aerobics teachers). The microphone is on the right hand side only with a 1.6 m cable + a 1.8 m or 0.15 m conversion cable.

Note that there is no headset speaker.

We strongly recommend that a USB sound device is used with this headset. The Buddy USB 6G is the best match for this headset.

If the headset is used with a conventional sound card or on-board sound chip it requires the Andrea APS-100 Auxilliary Power Supply to provide an additional voltage to the microphone.

The headset was designed for use with Sennheiser wireless units but is also compatible with the less expensive Nady Encore II system.

This is simply the most accurate headset available for speech recognition.

If you are a professional dictating thousands of words a day the Sennheiser headset will save you many tens of corrections by accurately recognising the small words that other microphones do not (for example an/in/and, or/our). An additional advantage is that sound reverberation is cancelled where the user is in a small office with sound reflective walls.

Note that we supply the headset with an additional, 1.8 m or 0.15 m cable that provides a connection for conventional 3.5 mm sound input sockets including USB pods.

System Requirements:

Standard 3.5mm, 3 pole, (1/8") connection. Creative Labs SoundBlaster Live or Audigi sound cards require the P-100 power connector pin or Andrea APS-100 battery box.

Question: Why is this headset so accurate?
The microphone has a very flat frequency response and low background. Compare the NaturallySpeaking Audio Setup of the Sennheiser with that of the Andrea ANC 700 that was previously regarded as the "best" headset. Note the height of the yellow area of the charts. This indicates the "noise floor" of the microphone USB combination.

Sennheiser Headset with VXi USB.
Sennheiser Headset with VXi USB - ASW 26

ANC 700 Headset with Andrea USB.
Andrea ANC 700 Headset with Andrea USB - ASW 24

Stock Status: In Stock
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