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Literacy aids - TextHELP Read & Write Gold V10

Store > Literacy aids > TextHELP Read & Write Gold V10

TextHELP Read & Write Gold V10

TextHELP Read & Write Gold V10
£320.00 (Excl. VAT)
Read & Write Gold

Read&Write  GOLD V10 

This software is a literacy support tool designed to assist users of all ages who require extra assistance when reading or composing text. It offers support functionality frequently absent in mainstream MS Windows applications. In addition, it provides a host of study features to assist any user with research and composition. The software works discreetly with all mainstream Windows applications. This offers users with literacy difficulties the opportunity to work in an inclusive manner alongside their peers and colleagues.

Read&Write GOLD is a simple to use toolbar that "floats" on top of any open application. Assistance can then easily be called upon as the user works.

Latest features

Read&Write GOLD V10 continues the tradition of innovative assistive technology software from Texthelp for those with literacy needs. New features include:

  • Windows Vista Compatible
  • Screenshot Reader
  • Study Skills Toolbar
  • Summarise Tool
  • Ability to Scan from a Digital Camera
  • Updated Fact Folder - New Preview Panel
  • Improved Fact Mapper - Exports to Word
  • Take Settings Home - Added to Toolbar Menu
  • Default Toolbar
  • Cycle Through All Toolbars with One Click
  • New Look Toolbar Icons

Read&Write GOLD Speech

With Read&Write GOLD V10 text can be read back by each word, sentence, paragraph, selected text or spoken as the user types.

Read&Write GOLD V10 now comes with Realspeak solo v4 voices as standard while remaining compatible with Microsoft SAPI 4 and 5 speech technology. The voices can be adjusted to suit the individual requirements of the user by altering the pitch, speed, volume and/or word pause.

Realspeak provides the most human-sounding voices available today. Words can also be highlighted as they are spoken for audio-visual reinforcement, increasing word recognition levels. Screen reading of on-screen text, menus and icons is also included.

Read&Write GOLD includes daisy reading technology, allowing users to access and read daisy books while working within the program.

Read&Write 8 GOLD Speech Options

Fig 1 Read&Write GOLD Speech

How is this useful?

Users with literacy difficulties are likely to suffer major problems when reading the written word. Read&Write GOLD goes some way to minimising barriers to learning, as every piece of text can be speech enabled.

The result of this is that users do not have to struggle to comprehend written information as they can have the text played back to them in an audio format.

This feature therefore enables users to work more efficiently as they do not need to spend large amounts of time trying to comprehend text.

Allowing a struggling student to listen to text spoken aloud as they read is an example of how speech feedback can be of assistance. In this case the user would be able to develop their learning and understanding of the words through audio-visual reinforcement.

The speech facility can also be used by people for whom English is their second language (ESL). Users are likely to find it easier to learn English when using this system as the words can be read and spoken simultaneously. This again acts as a reinforcement measure as the user develops their understanding of the spelling of the words, while also learning how the words are spoken.

Read&Write GOLD Spell Check

Read&Write GOLD has an advanced Phonetic Spell Checker to analyse and correct spellings.

The user can choose to check spelling as they type or check their completed work. Any spelling mistake will be identified and the Spelling Helper window will provide a list of suggested corrections with the meanings of each to aid the correct choice.

Colour coded identification of errors helps the user to identify their mistakes.

The Phonetic Spell Checker assists the user in correcting the most complex of errors.

This feature provides literacy support for people with learning difficulties as all spelling suggestions and dictionary definitions can be spoken. An error log gives the educator the opportunity to monitor an individual User's progress.

Specialised dictionaries are also included.

The latest spell checking facility provided by Read&Write GOLD has an improved ability to suggest the word a user is looking for. This improvement in the probability of suggested words is likely to further assist the user in their aim to produce a high standard of work.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Spelling

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Spelling

How is this useful?

The spell checking facility provided by mainstream word processors such as Microsoft Word do not fully meet the needs of Users with literacy or learning difficulties.

The Phonetic Spell Checker in Read&Write GOLD provides such users with the added support they need as the program recognises their unique spelling patterns and makes suggestions accordingly. The result of this is a higher level of relevant suggestions for the User, as the spell checker is uniquely capable of recognising the word the User is trying to spell.

The spell checking facility also provides audio visual definitions of the suggested words, therefore allowing Users to assure themselves that the word they are going to use is correct. This is expected to enable Users to build their vocabulary and confidence.

ReadWrite 8.1 GOLD Homophones

To eliminate the confusion of like sounding words (homophones) Read&Write 8.1 GOLD provides colour coding of confusable words and lists possible alternatives with audible definitions and sample sentences.

Read&Write GOLD has an improved homophone database with the option to select from basic or advanced homophone suggestions, further enhancing the suggestions relevant to the user.

The Same Sounding Words panel shows the list of words that can be confused and a definition for each to help the user find the right word every time.

By identifying and providing audible definitions of homophones, Read & Write GOLD software ensures that each user identifies the correct word in the correct context.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Homophones

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Homophone Support

How is this useful?

Understanding the differences between homophones can be incredibly difficult for users with learning difficulties such as dyslexia. This educational software package allows the user to work efficiently, safe in the knowledge that the homophones they are using are contextually accurate.

Highlighting the homophones in blue further reinforces the presence of homophones for the user and enables them to develop their understanding of such words. Highlighting homophones is expected to increase the level of grammatical accuracy in the user's text and therefore will facilitate a higher standard of work.

This can be demonstrated in the understanding of words such as were, where and wear. A dyslexic user will understand the differences between the meanings of the words, however, they may struggle to comprehend the various spellings.

With the support provided in Read&Write GOLD the user is able to understand the correct spellings due to the audio definitions for each word and the link to the dictionary that provides sample sentences.

Read&Write GOLD Word Prediction

This educational software enables the user to develop their writing skills by providing the tools to construct sentences with ease.

The Read&Write GOLD Word Predictor learns the user's style of writing and predicts the word they want to use next. It also incorporates a prediction database based on a 100 million-word corpus.

As the usser types, a list of suggestions will appear in the Prediction Panel.

The Word Prediction feature of Read & Write GOLD has seen great improvements in speed of processing and suggestion accuracy in comparison with previous versions.

Read&Write GOLD continues to allow users to select from one of thirty two context specific prediction files, such as Arts, Beliefs and Books. This further enhances the relevance of the suggestions made for the user.

Users can also edit the contents of their custom dictionary and can edit the prediction suggestions to better suit their requirements.

Indicators beside each word show context accuracy. This means users will be less likely to make a grammatical error so increasing the quality of their work.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Word Prediction

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Word Prediction

How is this useful?

Providing users with word suggestions as they write helps them to complete their work with greater efficiency and accuracy.

Word prediction ensures that uers do not become lost for words, or stuck in the middle of the sentence.

The feature can be particularly advantageous for users who have a small vocabulary, or for foreign language speakers, as definitions of the words can be spoken directly from the dictionary.

Being able to confirm the meaning of the word through speech ensures that each user can develop their use of the language and can therefore be confident that the words they are using are correct.

Read&Write GOLD Web Highlighting

The Web highlighting feature of Read&Write GOLD allows the user to experience dual colour highlighting with audible feedback in HTML documents.

This is of particular use for users with literacy difficulties when accessing information online and also aids the User's concentration and comprehension.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Web Highlighting

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Web Highlighting

How is this useful?

Given the level of importance placed upon the Internet in the modern world, it is vital that people of all abilities are able to access and utilise information contained online.

The Internet has become one of the most popular channels for completing tasks such as recruitment, communications and research. Through the use of this feature every user is capable of taking advantage of all of the opportunities the Internet offers, by transferring the text to an audio format.

To put it simply, web highlighting makes the web talk.

Read&Write GOLD Daisy Reader

The DAISY Standard for Digital Accessible Documents is an open worldwide specification that revolutionises the reading experience for people who are blind or print disabled.


The Read&Write GOLD software contains Daisy Reading technology and allows users to read their Daisy Books while working within the Read&Write program.

An added feature incorporated in the Daisy Reader is a dual colour highlighting option. Dual colour highlighting allows users with learning difficulties such as dyslexia to enjoy their reading experience in a format and style they are comfortable with.

Daisy Reader
Fig1: Daisy Reader.

Read&Write GOLD Dictionary

180,000 word definitions are provided with alternative suggestions in the Read&Write GOLD dictionary, thus developing the user's creative writing skills.

Each word in the dictionary has a description and sample sentence, all of which can be spoken.

Read&Write GOLD now includes our own commissioned dictionary giving easier to comprehend definitions and setting options enabling the user to choose basic or advanced definitions. This further increases the capacity of understanding for students and increases the product's ability to be tailored to the needs of individual users.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Dictionary

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Dictionary

How is this useful?

Providing users with sample sentences allows them to be sure that the word they are using is correct. This gives the user confidence to expand their vocabulary and develop their writing style.

Being able to choose between a basic or advanced dictionary ensures each individual User has the support they need in a format they are comfortable with. This is of particular advantage in schools as the differing levels of ability and age will result in quite different requirements.

The definition and sample sentences can be of benefit to ESL (English as a second language) Users as they are able to hear the word, its definition and how it could be used in conversation. These features assist the learning process as they provide unparalleled support and reinforcement.

Read&Write GOLD Word Wizard

The Read&Write GOLD Word Wizard acts as a thesaurus for those times when you're "lost for words". It takes you from the word you know to the word you want.

The word wizard provides a great choice of alternative words and provides a list of linking words. Each of the descriptions and sample sentences can be read by Read&Write GOLD to help find the word to use.

This feature increases vocabulary, understanding and efficiency.

Word Wizard

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Word Wizard

How is this useful?

This reading and writing software provides those who suffer from literacy difficulties with an interactive thesaurus allowing them to develop and build their vocabulary every time the program is used.

A user who utilises the Word Wizard will see their vocabulary grow and will be able to produce reports or documents safe in the knowledge that the words they are using are contextually accurate.

The development of the user's vocabulary will result in an increased confidence in their own ability to select and use words effectively. This is likely to result in a higher standard of work.

Read&Write GOLD Scanning

Read&Write GOLD has an all new inbuilt scanning tool, bringing true "one click" scanning to Read&Write.

With Read&Write GOLD it is possible to scan ANY paper based document or saved image into MS Word, HTML or PDF format. Not only can the scanning function be used with a scanner, but it can now also be used with most digital cameras. For example, you could take a picture of a poster while you are out, and then use Read&Write GOLD to read it aloud for you at home.

Once scanned the text may be read aloud in any one of 4 display/audible methods ensuring the User has the perfect listening and learning experience.

Once text and graphics are scanned the user may edit the document. This is ideal for scanning tests to be used with the program, as the user can add their answers safe in the knowledge that they understand what is being asked of them and that their spelling is correct.

Text and images may also be scanned into Internet Explorer allowing the user to apply "style sheets" so that regardless of the original document scanned, the software will display their preferred style with colours, font type and font size.

Scan Options

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Scanning

How is this useful?

Being able to scan any document into the program helps those with literacy difficulties by transferring information into a format they are comfortable with.

This feature is of great assistance to those who suffer from literacy difficulties as they are able to decipher information that would have otherwise been inaccessible. The information is made accessible through the use of features such as dual colour highlighting and speech feedback.

The scanning feature can be used in any number of ways, for example to scan an article from a magazine or textbook into the program and download it to formats such as PDF or HTML. Once this is completed the document becomes accessible through the utilisation of other features of Read&Write GOLD such as the speech feedback option.

Read&Write GOLD Screenshot Reader

The Screenshot Reader in Read&Write  GOLD speech-enables previously inaccessible text, such as locked PDF documents or Inaccessible Flash.

Most text in any Windows application is easily accessible with Read&Write Gold and other assistive software. However, there are some programmes which have not been designed with accessibility in mind. Some examples are Inaccessible Flash and "Locked" PDF documents. The Screenshot Reader has been designed to make this text accessible.

The user simply clicks the Screenshot Reader icon on the Read&Write GOLD toolbar and selects the text they wish to be read.

Below is a photograph of a Texthelp poster, showing the Screenshot Reader reading the text in the picture:

Screenshot Reader

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Screenshot Reader

How is this useful?

Previously, text in such programs as Inaccessible Flash and "Locked" PDF documents have been inaccessible to those needing to use assistive technology to read. The Screenshot Reader is the first to remove the barriers inherent in such programs. This means that previously inaccessible text is now accessible.

Read&Write GOLD Study Skills Toolbar

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Study Skills Toolbar

The Study Skills Toolbar in Read&Write GOLD is an additional toolbar where sections of text can be highlighted and collated together to produce study notes.

Often when reading notes, books or journals we use coloured markers to highlight pieces of text, which are of particular relevance to the subject we are studying. With the Study Skills Toolbar in Read&Write GOLD this same ability is brought to the computer. It can be used within Microsoft Word or Internet Explorer.

Within the Study Skills Toolbar, there is also a Summarise tool. This can be used within any Windows based application. The user simply highlights the text they want to summarise and click on the Summarise icon, choosing what percentage of the text they want in their summary. The summary is put into a new Word document, within which the User can alter the percentage further.

Read&Write GOLD Calculator

Read&Write GOLD, the literacy support software, has an easy to use Simple and Scientific Calculator.

The calculator provides the most common functions associated with a Simple or Scientific Calculator and provides an audit trail so that each user can see their calculations as they progress.

The calculator in Read&Write GOLD is capable of evaluating equations within the document being worked in and can also complete conversions of time, distance etc.

How is this useful?

Having access to a calculator from within the program further highlights the comprehensive nature of Read&Write GOLD's literacy support.

The calculator is of great assistance to those with lerning difficulties such as dyscalculia or dyslexia, as the speech enablement of equations and the dual colour highlighting of the text makes the mathematical sums easier to read and understand.

The ability to complete equations from within the document further increases the speed at which can be worked, while ensuring that levels of accuracy are kept at the highest level.

Read&Write GOLD Speech Maker

Read&Write GOLD allows the conversion of text to MP3, WMA or WAV files.

Ideal for revising work at the end of the day on the way home from school, college or work. The playback voice can be adjusted to suit the individual's needs,which helps to overcome learning difficulties by making the experience as comfortable as possible.

The audible text in Read&Write GOLD can be saved directly to the user's media player.

Speech maker

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Speech Maker

How is this useful?

Being able to listen to information instead of having to read can help those with learning difficulties.

The Speech Maker can be used in any number of ways. For example you could convert text from a novel or magazine to listen to when relaxing or studying, or you could even convert a script to audio format to help learn lines for a school play or amateur production.

Read&Write GOLD Pronunciation Tutor

The Pronunciation Tutor in Read&Write GOLD will break words into syllables allowing easy recognition of syllables in a word.

An on-screen moving mouth will assist in the development of more accurate speech.

Pronunciation is enhanced by use of the International Phonetic Alphabet.

The Pronunciation Tutor can also be of particular advantage to ESL (English as a second language) users as it highlights the pronunciation of a given word in a visual format.

Pronunciation tutor

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Pronunciation Tutor

How is this useful?

Learning to speak a new language is no easy task. The added assistance provided by the Pronunciation Tutor means that foreign language or ESL (English as a second language) students can learn English that is spoken without colloquial bias. The phonetic description is particularly useful in this instance, as it shows how the word is spoken in a clear and internationally understandable manner.

Children who are struggling to learn how to talk correctly can use the Pronunciation Tutor as part of their learning process. For example, the moving mouth and phonetic information will help a child who is struggling to pronounce certain words or letters to develop their understanding of the pronunciation and could therefore help to improve their speech.

Read&Write GOLD Research Tools 

Within Read&Write GOLD there are three Research Tools, which can be particularly useful to students preparing for assignments and essays: the Fact Finder, Fact Folder and Fact Mapper.

Fact Finder

The Read&Write GOLD Fact Finder is a web search tool that performs a search on a selected word through a default search engine.

This desk search tool is a quick and easy way of conducting research or gathering information for reports and essays.

Read&Write GOLD now has the option for the User to add their own choice of websites to search through, making the Fact Finder an even simpler way of gathering information on a given subject.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Fact Finder

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Fact Finder

How is this useful?

If you have dyslexia or other related literacy difficulties, it can be very hard to read or find information on the Internet. Sometimes users with literacy needs will fail in their search for information due to their unique spelling patterns.

Using the Fact Finder allows people to search the Internet safe in the knowledge that their spelling is correct. Internet searches through portals such as Yahoo or Google can be completed directly from Microsoft Word, ensuring the right spelling before the search.

This feature makes the Fact Finder a unique tool for people with literacy difficulties and enables them to fully harness the power of the Internet, providing an excellent solution for workplace accommodations.

Fact Folder

The Fact Folder in Read&Write GOLD provides an unparalleled study or research tool for organising thoughts and ideas.

The Fact Folder helps those with literacy difficulties by capturing text from ANY application (including Internet browsers), classifying it, attaching pictures, bibliography information and recording its source. When research is complete the User can convert facts to a text document at the click of a button, download the text to PDA, convert to HTML or turn the text into a slide show - truly excellent for revision.

Fact Folder

Fig 2: Read&Write GOLD Fact Folder

How is this useful?

Having the ability to compile information on any topic allows users to organise their work efficiently. This makes it easier for a user to complete a project or business report as all the information they require is at hand.

Presentations can be developed for use in revision or in preparation for an important meeting. The user can then transfer the information to a format and colour setting they are comfortable with, ensuring they maximise their understanding of the data.

The ability to download the finished folders to a PDA enables users to bring their information wherever they go. This means that users can (for example) prepare a folder and transfer it to their PDA, then use the data (which can be dual colour highlighted) to successfully carry out a presentation or speech.

Fact Mapper

This feature offers the user the ability to produce a visual representation of facts and ideas on screen. This is particularly useful when brainstorming, revising and drafting work.

With the Fact Mapper in Read&Writ  GOLD you can use images and colour to help remember what your key facts are when revising or use it to brainstorm ideas or outline the key concepts when drafting work. Read&Write GOLD can now export the Fact Map to a web page or to Microsoft Word. This is particularly useful if you have used the Fact Mapper to set out points you wish to include in an essay.

Mind Mapping has been shown to help children and adults with learning difficulties to achieve higher exam grades.

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD Fact Mapper

Fig 3: Read&Write GOLD Fact Mapper

How is this useful?

Mind Mapping is well established as a tool to help those with dyslexia. The Fact Mapper in Read&Write GOLD incorporates this technique along with the other support features most commonly called upon to assist those with learning difficulties.

Read&Write GOLD Speech Input

Read&Write GOLD allows you to convert your speech to text. Documents are easily created by dictating into a microphone connected to your computer. A simple training program is included with audible prompts to help the User with the setup.

Text appears in the window as the User speaks as shown below in figure 1.

Speech Input

Fig 1: Read&Write GOLD Speech Input

How is this useful?

Having the option to create documents through speech is an incredibly useful tool for anyone who suffers from literacy difficulties and is a great tool for creating reports or documents in a speedy manner.

Speech input can also be used as a reinforcement tool as the User can see the correct spelling of the words they speak, and therefore can learn how to spell words correctly.



Read&Write 8.1 GOLD System Requirements

The following are the minimum requirements needed to operate Read&Write 8.1 GOLD literacy software:

  • Pentium Four 1.5 GHz Processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • (1 GB RAM minimum on Windows Vista)
  • 600 MB Free Disk Space
  • Sound Card
  • Good Quality Speakers
  • Microphone (for Speech Input)
  • Windows 2000 SP4 or above

(NB. Previous versions of Read&Write and Wordsmith must be uninstalled before installing Read&Write 8.1 GOLD)

Recommended Scanners:

Read&Write 8.1 GOLD software is compatible with the following scanners:


  • Canon LIDE 70
  • Canon V100
  • Epson V350
  • HP Scanjet 4370
  • HP Scanjet 4600


  • HP Laserjet 3250

High Speed ADF:

  • Epson GT-2500
  • Fujitsu 4220
  • Fujitsu 5220
  • Kodak I40
  • Panasonic 1025C
Stock Status: In Stock
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