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- VXI Parrott TalkPro USB 1

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VXI Parrott TalkPro USB 1

VXI Parrott TalkPro USB 1
£72.00 (Excl. VAT)

This system combines three technologies to ensure optimal performance with speech recognition and VoIP.

A highly accurate monaural noise cancelling headset using the sophisticated noise cancelling Gentex electret microphone which is optimised for voice frequencies and specifically designed for speech recognition. Noise reduction properties effectively suppress background noise ensuring greater clarity for speech recognition.

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to convert the microphone signal from analog to digital. DSP removes the phenomenon of voice echo in VoIP.

A full duplex USB sound adapter incorporating VXi Translator™ technology that overcomes the problems of hardware incompatibility by effectively bypassing the sound card. It also removes the problem of sound interference associated with on-board sound chips in the PC and Notebook, resulting in a cleaner signal and more accurate recognition.

The headset incorporates a flexible boom and the cushioned speaker (cupped for comfort) can be on the left or right side. Also features volume control, microphone mute.
Nuance® Certified for use with NaturallySpeaking® 9 - Accuracy - 5 Dragon Stars.
MacSpeech Certified for use with iListen.

System Requirements:

Microsoft Windows® Windows® 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP or Vista.
Stock Status: In Stock
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