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WordWizard is now available for purchase or for evaluation. Significant offers are available for a limited period.

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WordWizard  is now available for purchase or for evaluation. Significant offers are available for a limited period.

Outright purchase

WordWizard is priced at £95 plus VAT. Orders can be placed at any time and the software and a permanent licence can be immediately downloaded once payment has been received through our automatic system.

In the immediate post-launch period, Words Worldwide is making significant introductory offers. Outright purchase of the product before 1 May 2020 automatically attracts a 20% discount.

Any school, agency or formal group of individuals is eligible for a total  40% discount for any order of 10 copies or more. For any order of 100 copies or more a total  60% discount is available. Please contact us for discount information.

During the duration of the Covid-19 educational restrictions,  in cases of proven genuine hardship consideration will be given to further substantial discounts. To take account of personal sensitivities, applications from third parties on behalf of individuals or groups of individuals will be accepted.

To take advantage of any of the extended offers please contact us by email: .

VAT exemption

The product qualifies for exemption of VAT at the current rate of 20% under HMRC rules. A declaration regarding the use of the product to address a special need will be required. The appropriate form can be downloaded from this web site.


Instead of making an outright purchase the product can be downloaded free of charge with a temporary licence for evaluation use.

The normal evaluation period is 30 days from the date of download of the product. The product will automatically become disabled after the expiry date of the initial licence and will have no further value unless a full licence is purchased. An evaluation licence can be updated at any time after payment of the appropriate purchase fee.

During the duration of the Covid-19 educational restrictions  the evaluation period will be extended to 60 days from the date of download, on request. This applies to any user of school age. In cases of proven genuine hardship, consideration will be given to extension of use for an indefinite period.

Purchase of a permanent licence at the normal purchase price is required after the evaluation period has been completed.

After the evaluation period has expired, the help and tutorial system will continue to be accessible. However, at that point the text-to-speech facility is no longer available.

Special arrangements

Any individual or organisation wishing to become an official evaluator of the product will receive an indefinite licence at no cost, renewable on request every 30 days. Words Worldwide will reserve the right to terminate the agreement unilaterally at any time. The evaluator will be expected to produce at least one significant report within each 30-day evaluation period.

To be considered as an official evaluator, email .