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WordWizard is designed to assist those who need assistance with literacy issues.

WordWizard provides particular assistance to those who have difficulty in  spelling and who find conventional spelling checkers of limited assistance. It also enables users to improve their pronunciation.
WordWizard will be formally announced in May 2020. However, we are currently looking for evaluators and prospective partners to work with us in ensuring the product meets its objectives.
In February 2020 an online beta version will be accessible to those who have expressed interest in the product.
Evaluators will receive this beta version of WordWizard at no charge and will subsequently be provided with a free copy of the formally released version. 
Once the product has been launched in its primary format we intend to develop a mobile app version of the product, building on the comments from those who have agreed to work with us.
Evaluation systems and full information on the product will be available in Press Packs on request.
We are particularly interested in hearing from those involved in support of those facing literacy challenges, including developers and researchers.
For immediate details of the product and its aims, please  contact our Director Dr Peter Kelway at enquiries@wordsworldwide.co.uk, using the subject line "New Product".
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