Privacy Policy

This Privacy Notice relates exclusively to Words Worldwide Limited (referred to hereafter as “the Company”). It describes how the Company collects and retains personal information through its web site and through any communication medium used by those contacting it electronically or through other means.

The Company retains the absolute minimum of information resulting from any purchase made by the making of any enquiry with regard to its products and services.

The only data collected at any time from a Customer at the time of purchase is the person’s name and postal address and the email address provided for the purposes of that purchase alone.

The name and address of the Customer is retained along with the purchase details and any licence numbers and expiry date(s) allocated for the related software. The name and address are retained for a maximum of six years after the date of purchase, to satisfy taxation legislation. They are also used to contact the Customer by mail if the email provided to us becomes  inoperable at any time. 

We may need to provide important information from time to time, regarding your purchase. The Customer’s email address is retained solely for this purpose. The Customer may, for example, be advised about the expiry of a licence or be informed about important changes or updates to the software which has been purchased and for which a licence remains valid.

This information, along with details of the Customer’s purchase history, is retained on the “My Account” section of the Company’s web site. Details may be viewed at any time by the Customer. The details are protected by password.

The personal details described above will not be referred to any other party for any reason whatever, under any circumstances.

The licence reference number issued to the Customer is retained on the Company’s master files for the purposes of security. This safeguards the Company’s assets and the licence rights of the Customer. The licence details are displayed on the computer screen during use of any software purchased when it is used, to protect the Company’s assets and to safeguard against illicit copying of the software.  

Details of financial transactions are retained exclusively by the Company’s PayPal providers. No separate information in this respect is retained on the Company’s web site following the successful completion of a transaction.

The controller of the data retained by the Company is Dr Peter S Kelway, the Managing Director. All concerns about privacy relating to your purchases from the Company should be referred in the first instance to the controller, to whom any complaints should be referred.

The Company undertakes without exception to adhere to all statutory data protection and privacy regulations in force at all times and operated in England and Wales. The Company gives overriding significance to the Data Protection Act 1998, as updated from time-to-time by HM Government.

Last updated: 2 April 2020.