WordWizard ReadMe document

This document describes how to download and install the WordWizard program.

The following steps are involved:

 Ordering and downloading the WordWizard program

1   Order the WordWizard 30-day free trial from the Words Worldwide web
site. You will be able to click on the relevant icon and a zipped copy of
the software will immediately start downloading. The zip file is of
substantial size. The download may take only a couple of minutes if you
have a fast broadband connection but could take significantly longer if
you have a poor connection.

2   If you wish to install WordWizard with a permanent licence you will need
to make payment via PayPal. This can be done at any time. Once payment is
received you will receive an email containing a licence code.  

Extraction of files to a folder following your download

3   Create a folder to be used to hold the WordWizard files.

4   Once you have downloaded the WordWizard zip file onto your computer,
copy or move it to this new folder. The zip file name will be WW-ZIP-UK
if you downloaded the UK version and WW-ZIP-US if you downloaded the US

5   In the new folder click on the zip file name displayed in the folder
and allow the unzip facility to extract automatically all the WordWizard
support files.

6   You should now see more than 100 WordWizard support files in the
folder. If not, the extraction facility will not have worked properly and
you should check on the reason for this. It may be because the download
was not carried out successfully.

Running WordWizard

7   You are now able to run WordWizard. To do this you can drag and drop
the file name of the WordWizard program WordWizard.EXE to the Windows
taskbar. Thereafter you can simply double-click on the resulting taskbar
icon each time that you wish to run the program. Alternatively, you can
Double-click on the WordWizard.EXE file name in the folder which contains

The WordWizard files

8   All the WordWizard files provided are read-only and should not be
interfered with in any way. Any attempt to do so or to reverse-engineer
the file contents may render the program inoperable from that point on.
In any case, under the Terms and Conditions of supply, this will render
the licence invalid, be it temporary or permanent.


 Licencing information

9   During operation of WordWizard the system information will be updated

every time that the program is used. If a temporary 30-day licence is in
operation you will be given the opportunity to enter a permanent licence
code on every occasion that you start up WordWizard.

10   If you have not updated your temporary licence after 30 days, the
program will close down if further attempts are made to use the temporary
licence. The software is to all intents and purposes then useless until a
valid licence code is entered.

11   If you purchase and receive a permanent licence code you can enter
this at any time, immediately after the program starts up. If the code is
valid then the program will no longer display the licence page on
startup. The permanent licence code details will appear discretely on the
WordWizard window during use.

Additional data files

12   During the use of WordWizard two additional file types may be 

generated from time to time.

13   If you choose to monitor your own use of WordWizard or that of a
colleague or student, a monitor file WW-Monitor-date-and-time file will
be produced. The date-and-time details will relate to the specific
session which has been monitored. These files can safely be deleted after
they have been finished with. They are in simple text format to allow
straightforward printing.

14   If a serious error occurs during processing, as will occur if a file
is interfered with, an events log file WW-Events will be produced. This
file is normally deleted after the successful termination of processing
and will not normally be retained in the file list. Under special
circumstances where a user experiences problems, Words Worldwide may ask
you to carry out a special run to produce ad hoc events log files. These
files can also be deleted once they are of no further use.

Updating your copy of WordWizard

15   The web site will provide details of any update to WordWizard that is

made available. If you download an updated version you are entitled to
another 30-day evaluation period. You may also use the permanent
licence code if you have purchased one for a previous version.

Support arrangements

16   Words Worldwide will provide support for users by email only. The
email account to be used is enquiries@wordsworldwide.co.uk. In most cases
a response will be provided within 48 hours if the query relates to a
technical problem. Other queries which relate the actual use of
WordWizard will normally be responded to within four working days.