WordWizard builds on the company’s experience in supporting people with literacy challenges over the last twenty years. The product is designed specifically to aid those with significant literacy difficulties and those learning English as a second or further language. However, it is also of general value in teaching spelling and word development and has a major part to play in boosting literacy skills.

In early May 2020 Words Worldwide intended to launch WordWizard, its new literacy support product. Due to the Covid situation and the disruption of the product’s target market the launch was postponed. The opportunity was then taken during lockdown to extend the power of the software.

The updated version of the software will be available for a six-month evaluation period starting in the summer of 2021. On 28 May 2021 offers will be sent out to 2000 schools to participate in evaluation of WordWizard. Up to 100 schools will be selected from respondents which will receive free copies of the software for appropriate staff and students at each institution. 

Information on the product will also be given to the Press at an appropriate point during the evaluation period and additional evaluation systems will be provided to journalists who wish to review the product.

 We will be continuously evaluating responses about the product from users, teachers and educationalists. Continual upgrades will be made to incorporate suggestions for enhancing the way in which this novel product operates.