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Our web site is currently being completely re-organised.  In the meantime this temporary site will carry useful information and articles. Our e-shop has been temporarily suspended while changes are taking place. 


The company

Words Worldwide has a long history of providing support to people requiring support with literacy issues. Until 2016  it concentrated particularly on voice recognition solutions, mainly using Nuances's Dragon software. A large proportion of its work has been involved with the Government's Access to Work programme.

Increasingly, as voice recognition technology became more widely accepted, the company has been involved with the production of systems to assist in document production. Building on the success of its KeyStone systems it has radically redeveloped its software. It is about to launch a new product to assist those who find themselves challenged by difficulties with spelling. This new software is based on an entriely new approach, based on the experience of users of the original programs. Valuable information from  teachers and support staff has assisted in development to date and further contributions will be welcomed.

Our Director, Dr Peter Kelway has more than thirty years of experience in working to address literacy needs and in developing and modifying appropriate software. His acquired skills have been brought to bear in  producing the new product which will be formally released in May 2020.


W3 in profile - Dr Peter Kelway
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