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About Words Worldwide Limited

Words Worldwide (W3) specialises in speech technology, comprising voice (speech) recognition and text-to-speech systems.

These systems allow users to control computer programs entirely by voice and to have documents read aloud by high-quality computer-generated speech.

W3 delivers software, equipment, support, training and consultancy.

We are particularly experienced in trouble-shooting, especially where organisations are having difficulty in using voice recognition equipment with in-house software. We have assisted a wide range of corporate companies over more than 25 years.

Where employers need to provide special support under the Disability Discrimination Act we have products and services that give comprehensive assistance.

Our own software is primarily aimed at providing assistance to people with reading and writing difficulties (e.g. those with dyslexia and visual impairment). We can also help those with physical problems who find it difficult to use a conventional keyboard or mouse.

We also provide complete systems to assist these particular users and can assess needs and tailor systems to meet precise requirements. Full VAT relief is available on this equipment.

Taking systems from market leaders in the speech technology and special needs fields, we configure bespoke solutions to the needs of our customers. Customers can be assured of the very best advice as we stock and test all types of speech technology and keep in constant contact with the manufacturers. 
In 2005 the company extended its activities to personal language development services. It now provides systems to assist those learning French, Spanish, Italian and German to improve their pronunciation and thereby to dramatically improve their ability to speak the language.
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W3 in profile - Dr Peter Kelway
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